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September 2014

We are Year 4 at St Luke’s CE First School in Redditch, Worcestershire. We are the oldest class in the school and our teacher is called Mrs Leach. We hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Our address:

Year 4
St Luke’s CE First School
Plymouth Road
B97 4NU
United Kingdom

37 thoughts on “All About Us

  1. Hi Mrs Leach! I have missed you a lot and Coco because I have not seen you for ages. My new school is Ok but I like St Luke’s better. I saw Miss. Kelly and Miss. Colman.

  2. Dear all in Year 4,

    I would like to say a big, big thank you for all your comments on our story writing in Year 6 at St Matthias. I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories so far.

    Year 6 were very excited, when they received your comments, as it is wonderful to read other chidren’s comments. Your opinions will help them help us to edit and improve them. I was also impressed that you really thought about what would make their stories even better and ,thanks to your help, I know that the children here will try their best to make their stories even better.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have much computer time last week so Year 6 were unable to reply to your comments and didn’t write the next part of the stories. If all goes to plan, we will be finishing them this Friday.

    Last week, we were involved in a shared maths project with our Year 4 students. every Year 4 child has a Year 6 tutor and we work together to solve some mathematics problems. (We love mathematics.) Last week, we had some challenging problems. However, the most difficult part for Year 6 was to not give away the answer and to figure out the best way to help their partners. Have you any tips or any problems we can try out?

    Looking forward to hearing all about your learning.


    Mrs Cullerne

    • Dear Mrs Cullerne and Class 6
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I know Year 4 were delighted to read your writing and enjoyed giving you feedback. Year 4 are very good at evaluating each others work and are always willing to offer positive advice to improve learning.
      We are also keen mathematicians and really enjoy solving maths problems. I shall show Year 4 your comment and ask them for some advice for Class 6. We might even suggest some problems you can try too.
      Best Wishes
      Mrs Leach and Year 4

  3. Woah loads of people commenting on this! I’ve only just seen this and I’ve just sat here reading all the comments! 😀

  4. hi mrs leach we have got a holiday soon from school may I come and visiti would love to see my old school once again

    • Hi Zahraa, how lovely to hear from you. You are always welcome to say hello. Perhaps when your sister is collected from school at the end of the day (and your mum says it’s ok) you might like to pop in for a quick look around?

    • That’s very kind of you to say, Atlantis. You’ll have settled in your new Middle school before you know it 🙂

  5. Hello year 4 I hope you are having a lovely holiday I love my new school I think I saw you Mrs leach the other day when I was going for walk. I really miss,you I hope,you are having a loving summer holiday

    • Hi Lily,
      How lovely to hear from you, and after such a long time. Next time you’re going for a walk if you see me please say hello. It would be lovely to catch up with you and find out how you’re getting on a Middles school. Hope you enjoy your camping trip with the guides ( I read your other comment too!)

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